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Daehan Rehabilitation Hospital Putrajaya Holds A Dysphagia Diet Modification Workshop
Mar 31, 2022 · News

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Daehan Rehabilitation Hospital Putrajaya is a private hospital that focuses on intensive South Korean style integrated rehabilitation services – specialising in the management and treatment of neurological disorders and illnesses, such as strokes, traumatic brain injury, and spinal cord injuries. They take on a bio-psycho-social-physical-technological approach to create a comprehensive programme tailored to their patients’ needs. 


It recently held a diet modification workshop on the 17th of March – led by Alvis Foong, the unit head of speech-language therapy. The aim was to educate all kitchen staff and the nourishment team on the latest global framework of classifying and modifying fluids and foods to create a safe and well-balanced diet for their patients with a swallowing disorder – known as dysphagia. 

It started off with a briefing on the different types of diet classification and modification following the framework. Next, participants had a hands-on experience – testing different food consistencies in accordance with the guidelines. The workshop also covered sample ideas of a meal plan and a fun quiz, before wrapping up with all participants receiving a certificate.       

This symbolises Daehan’s commitment to providing only the highest standards of medical services and safety to their patients as people with dysphagia have difficulties processing food and fluid when eating or drinking – which can lead to malnutrition and infections such as pneumonia. 

By modifying the textures and physical characteristics of their fluid and food intake – patients will be able to receive the necessary nutrients the body needs. This does not mean that meals are bland and tasteless as the nourishment team is led by one of the renowned chef, Chef Mozart who is part of the CZ Group of Restaurants. Therefore, patients will enjoy delicious yet nutritious meals – giving them sufficient energy levels for the hospital’s intensive rehabilitation programme.

This is crucial as Daehan is the only rehabilitation centre in Malaysia that provides 6 to 11 one-on-one therapy sessions per day with a medical team of experienced consultant rehabilitation physicians and certified therapists who graduated from rehabilitation hospitals in Seoul to optimise the recovery process. Where needed, advanced medical technology is used to complement treatments, which includes a hydrotherapy treadmill, body weight suspended gait robotics machine, gravity eliminated treatment exercise machine with NASA technology, upper limb assisted robotic devices with virtual reality and computerized cognitive assessment machine from South Korea. 

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For a higher chance of complete recovery, inpatient rehab is highly recommended and Daehan has created a warm and cosy environment to help patients feel at home. There is a wide range of rooms – from Junior Suite to 6-bedded rooms. They are all spacious and personalised – complete with amenities such as a safe box, individual smart TV with a tablet, sofa bed, water heater, mini wardrobe, and a fridge. 


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Daehan will continue going above and beyond to improve and upgrade its staff’s medical knowledge and services to better serve their patients. This is seen as the hospital provides monthly Continuing Medical Education courses conducted by professional trainers and medical professionals from South Korea. When patients choose Daehan, they are choosing peace of mind and cutting-edge medical expertise set in a warm and welcoming environment.


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Daehan Rehabilitation Hospital Putrajaya is a standalone private hospital that offers intensive South Korean’s style integrated rehabilitation services specialise in the management of neurological disorders and illnesses, such as stroke, traumatic brain injury (TBI) and spinal cord injury (SCI) - ranging from acute to chronic stages – using comprehensive South Korean-style integrated rehabilitation methods. Our expertise lies in the creation of a customised medical hospitality environment that combines both medical and aftercare service excellence to ensure an exceptional experience for all of our clients. Our practices complemented by the latest medical innovations. Located at IOI Resort City, just 5 minutes from Hospital Serdang and less than 15 minutes from Hospital Putrajaya, Daehan with resort-concept facility is strategically situated within the greenly environment that helps in the journey of recovery.


Daehan Rehabilitation Hospital Putrajaya

Owned by Daehan Rehabilitation Services Sdn. Bhd. [201601022903 (1193842-P]

Block B, Two IOI Square, IOI Resort,

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Wilayah Persekutuan Putrajaya, Malaysia.


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Published:  Mar 31, 2022 4:59 PM, Updated: 4:59 PM